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Why Should One Go For an MBA Colleges Degree?


As you know every student wants to take admission in good MBA Colleges after completing his graduation. It increases the number of opportunities that come the way of a person who has done an MBA.

Many companies prefer to employ people with an MBA degree. People with an MBA degree are considered to be better suited for certain positions. Many companies prefer those candidates that have this degree. If a person wishes to fulfill his/her career potential then he should go for this degree. Many times, people are denied opportunities due to the lack of qualifications. To remove this constraint, a person should choose to do an MBA degree.


If a person has an MBA degree, he/she can experience growth and develop as a wonderful professional. A person who wants to succeed in his career can learn the various skills and expertise through MBA. The person who has an MBA degree is definitely going to be preferred over the one who has just graduated and doesn’t have work experience. A person can also diversify his/her job options through this degree. By using innovative ways that one has learnt in his/her MBA program , one can make huge amounts of profits which has an overall positive effect in one’s career.

MBA Colleges for Admissions in 2021


MBA equips you with a lot many skills that improve one’s decision making power. It also allows one to make decisions that are responsible rather than just focusing on the ones that are easy to implement. Most people who are in leadership positions need to have good decision making skills. If a person is going to be a leader of his team or the whole organization then he will have to decide a lot of things. Ex- the number of people to be kept in a team, the size of the organization, the number of technological advancements to be introduced, the type of qualifications suitable for various roles, the output mechanism, the efforts required to train the freshly hired people.


A person with an MBA has high chances of experiencing growth in his/her job as MBA helps a person attain intensive as well as extensive knowledge. Most people get good experience from a firm and are promoted on the basis of it. But, to experience serious growth that gets a higher salary, a person needs to show his/her MBA degree. Growth also depends on the type of MBA college one has got a degree from.


The number of exams one should take depends on the following factors –


If a person is financially well-off, then he/she can afford to apply to a large number of B-schools, let’s say 5-10. But if a person doesn’t want to spend much then he/she should only take a limited number of entrance exams. If a person is incapable of preparing for multiple exams, then he/she should only go for one or two exams.


If a person is done with his/her graduation and is looking to do post-graduation, then he/she should apply for sufficient number of B-schools. If a person is in the final year of graduation, then one should look at one’s capabilities and then decide the course of action. In such a case, one should only apply to a minimum number of courses depending on a rough idea of one’s achievement.


If a person is confident that he/she will score exceptionally well in the entrance exam, then he/she should apply to top-rated b-schools. If a person can manage to score good but not very high, then the person should apply to the schools that don’t expect very good performance in the entrance exam.


A person should check the academic disciplines in which he/she is strong. If,need be,then a person can take guidance from a mentor. For example-

If one is good in decision making, then that person should apply for XAT- accepting institutes. And so if a person wants to manage human-resources, then he/she should apply for TISS.

If a person is good in communications and generating marketing ideas, then that person can apply to MICA.


Before Filling The Application form and paying the fees, one should check the location of the B-school. If the location of b-school is not near to industries and corporate houses then, one should think carefully before applying.


It is the common admission test that takes place once a year. It consists of 3 sections – LR (logical reasoning), VA (verbal ability), QA (Quantitative aptitude). The test duration is 3 hours. The exam takers are given ranks on the basis of their percentile in this exam. Many colleges give importance to the CAT Percentile while interviewing the candidates. Only those people are suggested to give CAT who actually want to enter into management.

Various fields like HR(human resources), Marketing , Finance and Accountancy can be chosen to enter in the field of their interest. Many times, it happens that after having an MBA degree, some people realize they wouldn’t want to continue in that field.So one must be sure before thinking of going for the management entrance tests.


The parameters used comprise the following: (a) placement data; (b) cut-off score in entrance exam; (c) location; (d) institute’s age, and (e) fee. 


There are many MBA colleges in India that offer an MBA degree. An MBA degree is only considered good if the MBA is done from reputed and well-known colleges. Following is the list of top 20 MBA COLLEGES on the basis of their rank.

The various post graduate degrees offered by these colleges include Marketing, Consulting, International Business, Retail Management, Finance, HR, processing. Most MBA colleges offer you to explore the areas and then choose the area in which you want to specialize.Certain people who are sure of the area in which they want to specialize can choose the college that offers that specialization if they happen to get the apt score. For example – if a person is interested in human resources, then they can give the TISSNET exam. If an exam taker is able to meet the cutoff then, he/she is called for the interview. Similarly, there are other colleges that give you a chance to specialize in other areas, given that you score well.

Top University MBA colleges

  1. DSE (Delhi School Of Economics)
  2. FMS (Faculty of Management Studies)
  3. USMS (University School Of Management Studies)
  4. SBPPSE (School of Business, Public Policy and social entrepreneurship)

AICTE approved top PGDM colleges

  1. MDI, Gurgaon
  2. IMI, Delhi
  3. IMT, Ghaziabad
  5. BIMTECH (Birla Institute for Management Technology)


Most of the top MBA colleges require one to score a good percentile in CAT. But getting a good percentile is not a sureshot way to get into a top-rated college. Most of the times, the colleges also consider some percentage of your CBSE 12th and 10th marks to finalise whether they want to call you or not. Many MBA colleges also consider GD, PI SESSION marks. These have been elaborated below

GD (Group discussion) – In group discussions, the candidates are given a topic . They are seated in a circular manner and given some time to think about the topic. Then the candidates are asked to share their opinions verbally on the given topic. The candidates are judged on the basis of the opinion they share and how they share it. The judges try to understand your perspective and how you present it, on the basis of which you are marked. Judges can also judge you on the basis of the skills like leadership, initiation etc in a GD.

PI (PERSONAL INTERVIEW) –Many MBA colleges also take personal interviews of the candidates.

They try to gauge whether you have the confidence and dedication to do an MBA degree. They also ask candidates questions about the graduation course they did. Personal interview is important as it gives a chance to some candidates to show their speaking and communication skills, if they feel they have scored in the MBA exam.


If a person wants to maximise the chances of getting into a reputed B-school, then he/she should also think of giving other exams. These exams have more or less the same syllabus. Such exams have different patterns than that of CAT and require extra practice to know the exam pattern. Following are the entrance exams that one can choose from-

  2. SNAP
  3. CMAT
  4. MAT
  5. IIFT
  6. GBO (SRCC)


They are those which are offered by limited B-schools and offer careers in particular sectors.     

Following is the list of sectoral programs offered by various colleges –

  1. MBA/PGDM in Rural Management.
  2. MBA/PGDM Pharma management.
  3. MBA in Biotechnology.
  4. MBA/PGDM in agri-business management.
  5. MBA or PGDM Forest Management.
  6. MBA/PGDM Communication Management.
  7. MBA or PGDM in Telecom Management.
  8. MBA/PGDM in Information Technology/Management.